Sheriff Brian Gootkin affirmed his support for gun rights on this Thursday’s show.  Gootkin also said the focus of the President’s 23 Executive Orders and discussion is a distraction from the real issue behind the shooting massacre in Sandy Hook, Connecticut—mental illness.  He will be in Washington, DC to testify about how western Montana law enforcement and mental health communities have responded to mental health issues in our community.

Gootkin spoke about his support of the US and Montana Constitutions.  Gootkin indicated that the Montana Sheriffs and Peach Officers Association, of which he serves as vice president, will be issuing a statement early next week affirming these rights.  While he was a little less clear about what he would do if the federal government engaged in any gun grabbing, I and several listeners urged Gootkin, as the highest law enforcement officer in the county, to stand strong in defense of our 2nd amendment rights.

Pete, a frequent caller, articulated the concerns of many listeners.  We don’t trust the current Administration.  Pete referred to the DHS Secretary Jean Sibelius’ report just one week before the first nationwide Tea Parties in April 2009 which indicated that the federal government considered returning combat veterans, the recently unemployed and right-to-life advocates as extremist threats.

If the economy took a rapid turn for the worst, if resources became scarce and distribution of resources difficult, many, particularly those in large cities would face an uncertain world.  Just what the federal government might do in that scenario is a concern to many.  Having witnessed what Obama supporters tried to do in August 2009 by instigating violence when the President held his town hall meeting in Belgrade, I’m concerned as well.

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