Earlier this morning, Montana Senator Steve Daines introduced an amendment to the Every Child Achieves Act of 2015. This amendment gives more control to state and local education on federal funding, and regulations.

"It's clear that the federal government's 'one size fits none' approach simply isn't working," Daines said. "By increasing local control of our schools and lessening the influence of Washington bureaucrats, we can provide states with the flexibility needed to meet the unique needs of our students, the unique needs of our states, as well as our communities."

The amendment called "Academic Partnerships Lead Us to Success" is intended to reduce the administrative and compliance burdens on state and local education agencies and to ensure that federal funds are being used to spread academic success.

"By shifting control back to the states, individual and effective solutions can be created to address the most of unique challenges facing schools across the country," Daines said. "Through these laboratories of democracy, Americans can watch and learn how students can benefit when innovative reforms are implemented at the local level."

Daines's amendment was sponsored by 10 other senators.