Obama is willing to amend his Health Care Law by allowing states to come up with their own 'similar' solution as early as 2014. Will this make the states abide by the new law or will they simply gawk at it?

And while the states' personalized plans will be required to fulfill all of the guidelines set out in the Health Care overhaul, will the states be able to come up with a plan that much different?

Bill Chappell - NPR

States unhappy with the new federal health care law may be able to create their own version of the overahaul in 2014 — not 2017, as the law currently states. President Barack Obama told a gathering of the nation's governors Monday that he's open to amending the law.

But under the new White House proposal, any state that chooses to design its own plan is still required to fulfill the goals and requirements of the health care overhaul.

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