Senator Steve Daines was on Dominick In The Morning today discussing the STOP School Violence Act. Danies talked about being at a press conference earlier with   Orrin Hatch, Marco Rubio, Joni Ernst, Bill Nelson, Dan Sullivan and students from Florida’s Parkland High School. The press conference was to push the STOP School Violence Act which has 35 cosponsors, including 15 Democrats. This bipartisan law will try to secure America's schools by implementing proven, evidence-based programs and technologies that stop school violence before it happens.

“Parents deserve to know their kids are safe at school,” said Daines. “We must prevent future tragedies by passing the STOP School Violence act now.”


The bill would permit grants to fund evidence-based programs and practices to:

  • · Train students, school personnel, and local law enforcement to identify warning signs and intervene to stop school violence before it happens.
  • Improve school security infrastructure to deter and respond to threats of school violence, including the development and implementation of anonymous reporting systems for threats of school violence.
  • Develop and operate school threat assessment and crisis intervention teams and facilitate coordination between schools and local law enforcement.

The bill would authorize $75 million for 2018, and $100 million annually for the next ten years, which may be partially offset from a DOJ research program called the Comprehensive School Safety Initiative.




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