Gov. Brown Signs Legislation At Google HQ That Allows Testing Of Autonomous Vehicles
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On Saturday’s edition of Open for Business listeners brought up the topic of driverless cars.

Are they just the latest gimmick to try to sell cars or are they the wave of the future?

Some listeners thought that driving is an American experience that we have with our cars. We named our cars for God’s sake. We cried when we had to give them up.

They’ve even taken shifting gears away from us as one listener pointed out.

Are Driverless Cars A Novelty?

If you’re commuting from Livingston, Three Forks or Manhattan a driverless car could give you an extra half hour of sleep, a chance to read the paper, get some last minute paperwork done or just relax before the workday begins.

Other listeners pointed out that you could have more seating in the car without the steering wheel, gas and brake pedals.

Are Driverless Cars Safer?

Driverless cars are purported to be safer because you wouldn’t have a distracted driver who might be talking or texting on their phones.

Drinking and driving would no longer be an issue. Stumble out of the bar, hop in your car, press the HOME button, and go to sleep.

Assuming that driverless cars can tell the difference between an oncoming truck and a cloud it would probably be much safer.

I wonder if they teach(?) the driverless car to turn into a skid? Can it sense black ice?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Some Final Thoughts

Like all innovations there are always unintended consequences since all of us are different.

I would want the option of manual control at certain times depending on road conditions and weather.

And it could be very dangerous for teens not to have to keep both hands on the wheel.

I guess Drivers Ed would become obsolete and anyone at any age could still drive. They might end up in Tijuana but they could still drive.

What’s your take on driverless cars?

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