Joe McGinniss’ new book about Sarah Palin,‘The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin,’ doesn’t hit stores until next week, but explosive new revelations are already trickling out, courtesy of The National Enquirer.

McGinniss reports that the former Alaskan governor and VP candidate slept with former NBA All-Star Glen Rice, used cocaine, and cheated on her husband, Todd, with one of his business partners.

The affair with Rice (which Rice confirms in the book) allegedly took place in 1987 when Rice’s University of Michigan team was in Alaska playing in a tournament. At the time, Palin was a local sports reporter, and McGinniss contends that Palin at the time had a fetish for black men. Palin was not married at the time.

McGinniss moved in next door to the Palins last year while doing research for his book. The book also alleges that Palin wasn’t an adequate mother to her children, choosing to seclude herself in her room instead of making her kids dinner.

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