Comments made at Park High School in Livingston this past Friday led to an investigation by law enforcement. Livingston Police and the Park County Sheriff's Office were alerted but according to the school, no credible threats were made and the situation was resolved.

Here is a message that was sent to parents of students by the school over the weekend:

"We want to communicate to parents and students that we are aware that there were reports of concerning comments made last Friday afternoon. Our Livingston City Police School Resource Officer and school administration immediately intervened on Friday afternoon. There were no credible threats made and the situation was resolved. As always, we keep student safety as our top priority. We continue to monitor and encourage students to inform both the school and law enforcement about possible safety concerns. 
If you have further concerns, please contact the school or law enforcement."

On Monday, a follow up message was sent to parents:

Dear Rangers and Ranger Parents,

We want to touch base with you this morning regarding rumors of a threat. The Livingston City Police and the Park County Sheriff’s Office are working with the school to see if there is any new information related to the rumor. At this point, we want for you to know there is no new information. In the event any new information is available, we will communicate with you.

We have no reason to believe that students at Park High are at risk. Some of our students have asked how you might be of help. From our perspective, the best thing you can do is, as always, report threats or possible threats to law enforcement and the school. You can help by encouraging responsible use of social media, as rumors and accusations can enflame situations. 

In closing, we have a high level of confidence in our law enforcement and our staff in addressing any issue. We remain committed to student safety as a top priority. Thank you for your ongoing support. 

Principals Scalia and Dust

We spoke with the Livingston Chief of Police Dale Johnson who told us the investigation has been closed. Johnson says that a juvenile made some "inappropriate" comments that were "misinterpreted" by people within the school district.  But if anyone has additional information about this situation, please contact the Livingston Police Department or the Park County Sheriff's Office.


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