In case you haven’t heard there is a video of a Google get together after the election that shows Google’s upper echelon’s disappointment in the result of a Trump Election.

You can see the entire one hour plus discussion by Clicking HERE.

A large segment of society uses Google as their principle source search engine.

In view of upper management’s views on the result of the election there is at least some level of concern that their political views affect the algorithm that produces the results our searches return.

At least one management person wants to know if she can move to Canada.

Does this attitude spill over into the type of people they hire? Should conservative programmers or IT experts look elsewhere for employment?

Will they check your car for bumper stickers?

They were also surprised at the large turnout of Hispanic voters when they tried hard to influence them with search results to vote for Hillary.

They also wondered if they could pass out marijuana joints after the meeting. What other corporation can say and do things like this without widespread media outrage.

If they were Trump chumps they’d be chastised and crucified by media for the incredibly biased kind of talk expressed in this meeting.

Google Bias

President Trump has been very vocal for some time that Google only produces negative stories to sites when users search for Trump related stories or links.

A Google employee tried to blow the diversity whistle on Google and found himself on the unemployment line.

Listening to the leadership of Google they leave little doubt of the level of distain they have for the president that at this particular time would have been totally unfounded.

The president had not even been sworn in yet. And if you look at the increase of Google stock since the election management should be ecstatic about their two-year growth.

I’m probably not going to stop using Google as my search engine of choice unless I find they are as biased against business as they are against Trump.

So far, I’ve not seen that to be the case. But I am keeping my options open.

Some Final Thoughts

I’m curious as to how readers feel. Is this the straw that broke the camel’s back for you?

Or are you happy that Google might be biased with liberal search results?

It’s no secret that Google records what you search for in order to show related ads to you. So, your political searches may also have some effect on the results that are returned to you.

What if Google thinks you’re misinformed about a particular candidate or issue and they are out to set you straight by showing you some opposing sites they favor?

Nothing wrong with exploring all sides of a person or issue but shouldn’t that be my choice rather than Googles?

What are your thoughts on your future use of Google?

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