So that's what Batman looks like without the molded armor. Makes us feel a little better.

A wanted man in Great Britain was recently brought into police custody by a fella who just so happened to be dressed as Batman. We’re not talking Christian Bale’s dark and complex Dark Knight, either. This dude was decked out in the campy 1960s Adam West “” version. Sadly, we don’t know if this Caped Impersonator spoke with that overacted staccato delivery that William Shatner would later perfect to great fanfare, but we're impressed all the same.

Decked out in a costume straight from a box buried in your parents' basement, this dude walked in with the suspect late last month and then fled into the night, leaving more questions than answers. Namely: why is he bringing in a normal criminal without a costume like the Joker or Catwoman? Who’s filling in for him in Gotham City, while he’s gallivanting around Europe? Is he being set up with Pippa Middleton while he's there?

Authorities have no clue who this mystery vigilante is, and you can bet figuring it out is proving to be a real Bane in the butt (sorry, had to do it). There is a theory that faux Batman knew the suspect, since the wanted man didn't appear to put up a fight in surveillance footage.

The whole episode has captured the attention of Britain, with bookies now giving 3-1 odds Batman will pop up again before the end of the year and 5-1 that Robin will be involved. Looking at his outfit though, we'd like to get odds on him being dropped off in his mother's station wagon, just before apprehending the bad guy.

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