Romanian engineer jumps from balcony at the Romanian Parliment in protest of his governments decisions. Surviving the fall, the protester shouted "Freedom" as they carried him out on a stretcher. Video inside.

The jumper well knew that he could have lost his life through his actions but he still went through with it and without a moment of hesitation. Just as the Prime Minister began speaking at the podium the jumper took his place on the railing.

Warning Disturbing Video Of The Jumper

A loud thud reverberated in the chamber after the man, Adrian Sobaru — identified by the country's public television station as one of its engineers — jumped from a height of about 7 meters (23 feet). He hit the benches shortly after Prime Minister Emil Boc greeted the lawmakers. No one else was injured.

--images show Sobaru wearing a white T-shirt, with the words "You've pierced us. You've killed our children's future. Freedom," in a reference to government policy.

The first line was a reference to President Traian Basescu, who upon winning the presidential race in 2009 said "I've pierced them," using a well-known line from a Romanian movie.

As emergency medical workers took him out on a stretcher, Sobaru shouted "Freedom!" — echoing cries of the 1989 fall of communism in which more than 1,300 people died. Romanians are commemorating the 21st anniversary of the uprising in which authorities shot unarmed protesters.

Sobaru sustained face wounds, and other non life-threatening injuries, said Catalin Carstoiu, manager at the University Hospital. He will undergo surgery and psychological counseling, Carstoiu said.

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