Which would you rather have — freedom or safety? Most people would say they want both — and in days gone by one could have both.

Not anymore.

The very freedoms we take for granted are being used by people who would do us harm to further their own goals. And we stand idly by and watch it happening. Because the very laws that keep us safe and provide the freedoms we all enjoy also keep our enemies free and safe too.

Once you make it across the border you’re pretty much home free. Find the nearest sanctuary city and you’re as good as awarded citizenship.

Line up and we’re happy to provide all the freebies and entitlements you could ever want.

Oh, and while you’re at it, recruit as many people as you can to destroy the society that provides all those things you want and need.

How Safe Do You Want To Be?

When a terrorist attack happens, how often is it reported that the perpetrator was a "person of interest" to the authorities? Almost always.

He or she was on some kind of watch list, and the good guys were watching right up to the time the bomb went off, or the truck was stolen, or the big knives came out.

But our laws don’t allow us to kick people out of the country just because we don’t like their politics. In America you can’t go to jail for what you’re thinkin’.

The question is — do we give up some of our constitutional protections so the police can just knock on the door of a suspect and invite themselves in to look around? Seems reasonable to me, because there’s only one chance in a billion they’ll ever knock on my door. So go for it, officer.

But our courts don’t see it that way. If you’re on American soil the US Constitution guarantees you due process in court and freedom from search or seizure. Citizen or not.

Bomb factories for everyone. Get a pilot’s license? You deserve it. No one’s going to seriously question you.

Freedom For Whom?

Dictators are free to do pretty much anything they like. The people are not so lucky. So how much freedom do the people need? Only enough that the power of the ruling class is not threatened.

But if we give police and the military too much power won’t they eventually exceed their authority? That’s why we have a constitution and courts to rein in that abuse of power.

America’s courtrooms would be empty if the police would just shoot every criminal for any offense from jaywalking to murder. I guess we don’t want to start doing that.

Some Final Thoughts

I think I’d rather be safe and sorry. That’s not a typo. I’m sorry you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, but I’d rather we follow the Constitution.

It sucks that bad people get the same protections that good people get, but what’s a reasonable alternative?

How much freedom are you willing to sacrifice to be safe? Safe from whom? Those providing your protection just might go too far in that protection, especially if your resist that protection.

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