First off, I want to thank everyone for taking the time to vote in our poll. We've been hearing a lot of news about COVID-19 vaccine mandates throughout the country, and we wanted to see how people living in Montana felt about it. It's definitely a controversial subject.

I understand that many people are still hesitant about the safety and effectiveness of the available COVID-19 vaccines. According to data provided by the Montana Department of Health and Montana State Library, 55% of Montanans are fully vaccinated. In Montana, it is illegal for private employers to require vaccines as a condition for employment.

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Earlier this year, a law was passed in Montana that prevents private companies from mandating vaccines, so you don't necessarily have to worry about vaccine requirements if you live in Montana.

Over 1,200 people voted in the poll and the majority said that they would quit their job if their employer mandated a COVID-19 vaccine.

Here's a breakdown of the poll results. We asked, "Would You Quit Your Job If Your Employer Mandated the COVID-19 Vaccine?"

  • Total responses - 1,230
  • "Yes" responses - 64.55% - 794 votes
  • "No" responses - 30% - 390 votes
  • "I'll Decide When the Time Comes" responses - 5.45% - 67 votes

Over half (64.55%) of the people that responded to the poll said that they would quit their job if their employer mandated a vaccine. 30% said that they would, in fact, get vaccinated if it was required by an employer. Once again, thank you to everyone who voted in the poll. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us.

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