A wolf report in Three Forks triggered a warning by the local school system. However, Fish Wildlife and Parks Region 3 Spokesperson Andrea Jones said that the sighting on Tuesday, January 19, has yet to be confirmed.

"We haven't confirmed, with our own eyes, that there were wolves in the area. We certainly take the report very seriously, but we don't have any confirmation we just have one report from one individual that says she saw three wolves in, what would be a rural area, but it is near some bus stops."

Jones said investigators have been out to look for tracks and other sign. Because the sighting was near a bus stop and a Wheat Montana building, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is urging caution.

"Certainly take precautions," Jones said. "Leash your pets, watch your children near the bus stop. It is possible it could be coyotes, it could be loose dogs, but it is possible that it could be wolves, you know, wolves could be anywhere at this point."

There are normally very few wolves in the region, but, according to Jones, a wolf had been harvested in the area about two years ago.

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