Whatever the intelligence community says has to be true, remember how we found all those weapons of mass destruction?

Just because you love America doesn't mean you can't tell the truth.

President Trump has been told for over a year that he worked for Russia. Maybe he was a spy. President Trump couldn't even meet with Russia because of the witch hunt, oh I meant investigation.

The left wing media, and the anti-Trump Republicans who want a to get rid of our president, are screaming hoping they can turn Americans against

So, if the president doesn't think the intelligence community is correct he is guilty of treason?

I just heard an elected official (a congressman) ask the military to take over. Take action against the president.

So why haven't the intelligence agencies taken Hillary's hard drive? We see the head of the FBI and high ranking FBI and CIA agents trying to stop Trump from being elected. In texts we hear about plans to stop the president. So, why should we believe the intelligence agencies blindly?

We are told Russia is blackmailing Trump … some people are losing their minds.

Are you not hearing the media and politicians calling for the president to be thrown out of office? This is so anti-American.

I trust President Trump, not the Politians who have been living in the swamp for years and not getting anything done.




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