Donald Trump Jr., who was visiting Montana to help Matt Rosendale in his quest to beat liberal Senator Jon Tester, took some time to enjoy our state.

Trump Jr. arrived with his gal pal FOX News' Kimberly Guilfoyle. They sure seemed to be having fun together fishing and tweeting pictures.

Being the presidents first born son, the young Mr. Trump Jr. may have caused some controversy as this reporter wondered if the unmarried couple shared the same room while visiting.

President Trump received heavy support from the Evangelical Christian community and two unmarried people sharing a room maybe something they would frown on.

Guilfoyle who co-hosts the popular FOX News show The Five always seems like a perfect lady, and her fans may be upset that she is not waiting for marriage before sharing a room with the billionaire son of the president.

Could this hurt President Trump's chances for reelection in 2020? Will President Trump condemn his son for this possible lapse in moral judgement. If the president doesn't is he then condoning unmarried couples sharing the same hotel room? While some see these tweets as evidence of a fun day in Montana, others might see it as the president condoning sin.

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