NARAL Pro-Choice America, a organization that thinks it's okay to kill babies, has just endorsed Jon Tester in 2018 Montana Senate Race.

NARAL has given Tester a 100 percent pro-choice rating and is endorsing him as the best candidate to protect the right to kill unborn babies ... 100 percent. Instead of being ashamed of the endorsement Tester is bragging about it.

"Montanans are tired of Washington politicians chipping away at their personal freedoms like a woman's right to make her own healthcare decisions,” said Tester. “Decisions about basic reproductive healthcare should be made by a woman, along with her family and her doctor, not by their bosses or out-of-touch politicians. I'm proud to receive the endorsement from NARAL, and I will continue to stand with them to fight against efforts to undermine women's reproductive freedom here in Montana."

NARAL says this about our senator: “We need allies in the Senate like Senator Tester who are steadfast partners in the fight to protect and expand reproductive freedom for women and families across Montana and beyond.”

In the Senate, Tester fought back against legislation that would chip away a woman’s right to choose, and recently stopped a ban on abortions after 20 weeks from passing.

That's 5 months. We are not talking a few weeks we are talking five months. Is Senator Tester saying a woman in Montana who is 5 months pregnant is not carrying a baby?

Senator Tester, you are a disgrace to Montana ... and America.

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