Me, you and everyone else all have our own opinions about the tax deal underway. But what does Keith Olbermann think? Read on and find out; it's probably not far from what most would assume he is thinking.

Keith Olbermann

In exchange for injecting new vigor into the infantile, moronic, disproved-for-a-decade three-card monte game of an economic theory purveyed by these treacherous and ultimately traitorous Republicans, that tax cuts for the rich will somehow lead to job creation even though if that had ever been true in the slightest the economy would not be where it is today.--

--And, oh by the way, in the middle of a crisis over making temporary Republican tax cuts permanent, you give the Republicans another temporary Republican tax cut that they can come back later to blackmail you into making permanent. Well, Sir, at least that's the end of it.

Except, of course, for the estate tax, what Republicans so happily call, "the death tax." Which will be reduced from its 2009 levels.


The money given by one dead rich person to some living rich persons, will not be taxed, up to five million dollars. More than five million and it's 35 percent — which is less than it was under the tax laws of President Bush's last fiscal year. Sir, you have given undeserved tax breaks —and you have carved them a little more deeply into the stone of law - to rich people, living and dead.  And you want me to tell them which Democrat proposed the Estate Tax giveaway?

Blanche Lincoln!  Blanche Lincoln, repudiated by nearly half the Arkansans in her own party, and then repudiated by 63 percent of the voters in Arkansas. Mr. President, you're listening to Blanche Lincoln? What? Were Bob Beckel and Pat Caddell unavailable?

Read all of Olbermann's thoughts by following the link.

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