It has been a rough couple of years. Many of us lost jobs, lost businesses, or started new jobs, and it has all been a mini tornado. Well, today is a NEW DAY! Today is National Job Action Day. Today, YOU take care of YOU.

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It's easy to apply for jobs, especially because a lot of them are "online applications". You can just click a couple buttons and set up an interview. But getting motivation for even just that sometimes, is extremely difficult. You have to push yourself.

An easy way to make getting those applications done is to have your resume updated. Then you can just attach it to as many jobs as you choose and you don't feel the stress "having so much to do".

From restaurants, banks, car dealerships to construction, the options in town are limitless. Or maybe you have a job that you are not super happy with. Now is the time to start over. It is your day, your month, your career, and you should be happy to have it. It is very difficult keeping a job you don't love. We have all been there.

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You can click HERE and find a job that suits you, that you can enjoy going to daily. You can also look on Facebook Marketplace, there are over 100 listings of jobs and you can just click "apply now" and it automatically will send the employer a message that you are interested.

You do not need to wait until the "New Year" for a "New You", start your happiness and success today! You never know, you may find the job of your dreams! Good Luck!

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