Montana springtime is the worst. You get a couple of warm days to lull you into a false sense of security that spring is here then a foot of snow is dumped on you.

The only redeeming feature of snow this time of year is that it’s gone relatively quickly.

Wet Snow And Overnight Freezing

Then there are the trees. The leafy green leaves start to pop out and wham, an overnight freeze turns them a beautiful shade of black.

The other downside to spring snowfall is any shrubs or bushes you might have hanging around.

The wet snow is very heavy on some bushes and shrubbery and bends it right down to the ground and if that snow’s not removed, it could take weeks or months for some to recover their natural shape.


There’s just something wrong with mowing the lawn between snowfalls. Rain I could understand, but snow? After 24 years here that still doesn’t compute with me.

At least there’s usually not enough snow to shovel and it melts off driveways and roadways relatively quickly.

I guess I should be thankful for small favors.

Some Final Thoughts

As I write this, snowflakes are getting bigger and coming down harder. Every hour or so I’ll be out in it, knocking the snow off all my vegetation.

It’s official — the groundhog saw his or her shadow again. At least six more weeks of this crap are waiting in the wings.

Then I can start bitching about 90+degree temps and how often I have to water. Stay tuned.

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