I keep seeing these petitions all over social media that ask you to swear or affirm that you will never under any circumstances support the candidate of your party unless your choice of candidate gets the nomination.

What? Since when?

It’s The Party Stupid!

All my life people have told me, “My family has voted Democrat since the 1800s.” Or, “My family has voted Republican since Lincoln.”

And I guess in all that time every candidate was the perfect candidate? Is that what you’re trying to sell me? —With a straight face?

When the dust settles and the name-calling is done the party faithful always rise to support their parties nominee. No matter what.

The only time we’ve has an independent running that got any measurable level of voter turnout was Ross Perot. Perot, like Trump, also happened to be a billionaire businessman.

With this election all that might change. Who knows what might happen.

An Interesting Scenario

What if Hillary gets the nod from the Democratic Party and Bernie Sanders decides to run as an independent?

What if the Republican Party somehow shuts Donald Trump out of the nomination and he decides to run as an independent?

Now that would be a very interesting four-man/woman race. Talk about voter turn out.

The debates alone would be great TV. Pay-Per-View might even work.

It would give new meaning to the term “Final Four.”

That would be a radio talk show dream and all the pollsters and pundits would have to go back to the drawing board to figure out how this thing will play out.

Imagine The Money

They claim it will take over $1 billion dollars for any one candidate to win the presidency. So would we be talking $4 billion spent before the last ballot is cast?

Talk about a stimulus package. I would suggest investing in printers ink.

Some Final Thoughts

This election process gets scarier by the day. One poll says this and another poll says that. This candidate is leading then the other one is leading.

Personal attacks on social media are reaching unprecedented heights. Go after someone’s favorite candidate and you will pay a vindictive price.

I don’t think there are any petitions that are for any candidates. But there are plenty of chances to voice your hate for the candidate you like least.

If there were ever a time when we needed “None of the Above” as a ballot selection this upcoming election would be it.

What petition are you signing? Or not signing?

Comments below.

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