During this edition of Gesundheit with Jacobus, an introduction to the Kairos More to Life Foundation, a non-profit educational charity founded in 1981.

Its aim is to teach people skills and practices to access their full individual potential and to make each one a more powerful contribution to the communities of which they are a part.

My three guests on "Gesundheit! With Jacobus" are Sally Babcock, Kelly McKeehan and Nicolle Zuber.

They will talk about an upcoming More to Life seminar in April, as well as the history and purpose of the Kairos Foundation.

Segment 1
Jacobus introduces Kelly McKeehan, Sally Babcock, and Nicolle Zuber, who are all involved with the More to Life program, which they describe as a program that helps people to live their most authentic life. More info at moretolife.org.

Segment 2
This week's guests discuss the kind of people who use More to Life and the vision statement of the program: "To awaken people everywhere to the interconnectedness of all things, so they can release their full potential for living, evoke that potential in others, and play a creative part in the evolution of the world."

Segment 3
Jacobus' guests discuss a caller question about religious and spiritual inclusiveness in More to Life, as well as the importance of core beliefs.

Segment 4
Kelly, Sally, and Nicolle talk about the negative effects of saying "no" and how to exercise your personal authority.

Segment 5
This week's guests discuss how More to Life helps in releasing unconscious negativity. Kelly shares a story about a mother's unhealthy resentment towards her estranged son.

Segment 6
Jacobus and guests talk more about resentment and discuss an e-mailer's skepticism of the More to Life program. For more information on More to Life programs visit moretolife.org.

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