(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)
(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

There are over 1 billion web sites in the world. Pretty amazing when you think about it. All that information for the taking. Most of it free. At least on the surface.

Usually if you click on an ad someone paid to put it there and someone else will get paid if you click on it.

Somewhere in this list are one or more sites you never knew how you got along without.

Great Sites That Do Great Things

  • ninite.com – Wouldn’t it be great if there was one site where you could download all the software you need in one place?
  • shouldiremoveit.com – I never know what applications or files are required or not. So this site tells me what I need and don’t need on my PC.
  • keybr.com – I learned touch typing here. It helped me wear the paint off my spacebar in less than a year.
  • oldversion.com – If the latest version has too many dumb improvements you might want to go back to an older one.
  • readability-score.com – This one helps me a lot. I doubt I’ll ever write over people’s heads but I don’t want to make it sound like I’m talking down either.
  • deadmansswitch.net – Have you ever wondered how you’ll let your college roommate know about your demise? If you don’t check on this site on schedule they get an email letting them know. Don’t worry there are plenty of warnings before an email goes out.
  • mint.com – This is a great site. All your credit cards, bank statements, and investments all on one site. I know that probably sounds dangerous but it has a very positive reputation. Done by the Quickbooks people.
  • duckduckgo.com – Search engines collect info on your searches. If you don’t want that this site will let you search in peace. No following by this search engine.
  • printfriendly.com – I hate to print a page and it’s filled with stuff I don’t want. This site makes any web page print friendly.
  • printwhatyoulike.com – Sometimes you just want to print part of a page not all of it. Use this one for that.
  • privnote.com – Mission Impossible. Write a note and it will self-destruct immediately after it’s read and you get a notice of that fact. I guess Hillary didn’t know about this one.
  • recipepuppy.com – Got a lot of leftovers or spices on hand? This site will find a recipe to fit what you have in the cupboard.
  • pipl.com – Looking for people rather than stuff? Try this one on for size.
  • charitynavigator.org – Want to know if a charity is on the up and up? Use this site to evaluate your donations.
  • wolframalpha.com – If you are really, really smart this site can save you a lot of time figuring stuff out. Chemistry, physics and stuff like that.
  • heavens-above.com – Do you need to know if it’s a star or a satellite? This is the place to look.
  • spreeder.com – If you need to do a lot of reading and improve your comprehension of what you read this is your site.
  • camelcamelcamel.com – A free Amazon price tracker monitors millions of products and alerts you when prices drop, helping you decide when to buy.
  • retailmenot.com – If you are a coupon shopper check this one out.
  • searchtempest.com – Why search Craig’s List by category when you can search the entire site in one place.
  • mailvu.com – Need to send a video email use this one.
  • rhymer.com – If you are a poet and don’t know it this site will help you with what rhymes and what doesn’t.
  • homestyler.com – Got a dream home in mind. To see how dumb it might look try it out here first.
  • wetransfer.com – If you are sending large files back and forth use this helpful site.
  • idlekeyboard.com – This site will make it sound like you’re working when you’re really not. Useful for government offices mostly.
  • ·      unlistmy.info – If you don’t want sites to track and keep info on you try unlisting yourself on this site.
  • twofoods.com – Here you can compare any two foods. Nutrition, brand etc.
  • gasbuddy.com – Where are the lowest gas prices in your area? As close as your computer screen.
  • weatherspark.com – Temperature and humidity are fine but I like graphics.
  • wakerupper.com – I like wakeup calls when I travel but do I want to set my clock radio for just one morning? Try this one. Check it out a day or two before you have to be up.
  • calorieking.com – Find nutrition on the various foods you consume.
  • manualslib.com – Darn, I lost the manual to the microwave I guess I better go here to print another one and figure out how to set the clock.
  • keepmeout.com – Spending too much time on Facebook? Good news — you can lock yourself out for periods of time and be forced to have a life.
  • glassdoor.com – Would you like to work for a specific company? Check em’ out here.

Some Final Thoughts

Not all these sites are for everyone. But usually there can be one or two that will save you time, money, frustration, or just have a little fun.

Check them out and let me know which ones you like or don’t like. They all should work but we are talking about computers here so let me know in the comments below if any are not connecting.

Happy surfing.

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