It's not just Californians or Texans who are trying to move to Montana. There are tons of Montana natives who moved away for college, jobs, marriage, etc., who are actively trying to get back home.

Plenty of social media groups offer a place for "Moving to Montana" chatter. Some threads are fun to read in a rabbit hole sort of way, but I stumbled upon Montana natives chatting about what they miss most and (surprising) reasons they desperately wanted to move back.

SMALLER MUSIC FESTIVALS: As soon as I read this, it made sense. This may not be the most important to move your life but for a music freak, concerts and festivals are an important part of your life. Just a few of the Montana festivals that were mentioned:

  • Red Ants Pants Festival
  • Headwaters Country Jam
  • Under the Big Sky Festival
  • Montana Folk Festival
  • SLAM Festival

EASIER TO HAVE ANIMALS: Some Montana towns are having a crazy housing crunch where it's nearly impossible to find a rental a all, let alone one that allows animals. But generally that's not the case. If you're willing/able to pay an additional fee, you can usually find plenty of pet-friendly rentals. It seems that bigger cities across the country have FAR LESS pet friendly rentals.

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TRAFFIC: Even Montana's booming cities don't have the kind of traffic problems of bigger cities in other states. We complain about our commute times getting way worse (which they are), but they're still nothing in comparison to most cities.

LOCAL FOOD AND PRODUCE: This was another surprise for us to read, but it also made perfect sense. Just about every community in America has some sort of farmers' market but Montana apparently has some of the best. Think about all the stuff that can be grown and raised here: veggies, berries, beef, poultry, honey, dairy, etc.

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