One of the lies that the dark money groups opposing LR 131 are trotting out there in Montana is that if we pass the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, babies could be ripped from their mothers arms. That's rich- coming from some of the very same doctors who actually DID JUST THAT in the name of COVID-19.

First, when it comes to the false claim that babies will be ripped out of their mother's arms due to LR 131, we had a doctor who runs a neo-natal intensive care unit discredit those false claims. You can listen to the full conversation by clicking here.

The bottom line is this: LR 131 basically says that if a baby is born alive, even after a botched abortion, that the baby must be provided care. The referendum language also allows for medical professionals to make reasonable medical decisions.

To the point mentioned at the start of this piece- I had a tipster who works in one of our local hospitals reach out to me to express her outrage at some of the doctors or other medical professionals who are criticizing LR 131. She tells me that these are the same doctors who ripped babies out of their mother's arms simply due to a positive COVID test.

So who are these new-to-the-state doctors who are high profile speaking out against LR 131? Well, they're some of the same folks who supported the same lockdowns and mandates that caused so much harm during the COVID-19 era. They're some of the same doctors who supported the vaccine mandate that is leading to a staff exodus and the shutdown of nursing homes and hospitals across the state. They're also of the same doctors who see dollar signs and want to be able to do life altering surgeries on kids all in the name of the transgender movement.

Tim Adams is a former Montana Media Trackers reporter who has also done data analytics work for the Montana GOP. He could also be described as a gay rights advocate. We talked about LR 131, the Leftist medical associations in Montana, and hospitals wanting to profit off of child transgender surgeries and treatments. He also talked about how the radical Left is now discriminating against gay men and lesbian women in the name of transgender rights.

Full audio with Tim Adams:

Additional "follow the money" info can be found in the following thread by Roy McKenzie with Western Montana News:

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