"Honey, it's the phone. Don't worry, I will get it. Oh, hold on honey. It's President Trump; he wants to talk to you... I don't know he says he wants us to vote for Greg Gianforte... Okay, sorry Mr. President. Can I take a message?"

That is what I thought it might sound like when I read on CBS News reporting that President Trump will be making calls to people in Montana, asking them to vote for Greg Gianforte.

Wow, how cool it would be to get a call from the President? I know we're not a very high populated state, but he's going to be on the phone a long time. Then I continue reading. CBS says it will be a robocall.  A robocall? What the heck is that?

A robot calls and pretends to be President Trump? Will there be "press one for English, press two for Spanish?" How long will the call be? How did he get my number? After the call will I have President Trump's cell phone number?

The CBS story has quotes, things Trump says in the call...

From the CBS News story:  Calling Gianforte a "wonderful guy" who "knows how to win", Mr. Trump told voters that they're going to have "great healthcare" and "all of the other things you so desperately want and need" if they head to the polls on Thursday.

Okay that sounds cool, but will it work? If you were not going to vote for Gianforte would a recorded call from President Trump change your mind? It must work a little or why would they do it?

I get called about two times a day from someone in a large room. I can hear other people also making calls in the room. They tell me I have been approved for a $10,000 loan if I just send them $350. I hang up. At least I think that's what the caller is saying, English is not the caller's first language. I hang up.

It used to be fun getting these unwanted calls. I kind of like being told I won $50,000 in a lottery. I never played the lottery and all I have to do is give them my credit card number. I would play with them. Why do you need my credit card? Is your name really Bobby? I don't have a credit card; will you accept a library card?

But it's not fun anymore. I try to block them. I can't. Sometimes the caller ID says the call is from Washington, DC, Las Vegas, New York City. Some how they know to make my phone think they are calling from a different city each time they call.

Two times a day, maybe more. Sometimes at 4 o'clock in the morning. Not fun.

So if I got a robocall telling me who to vote for in this Montana election, I think it might have the opposite effect on me. But it might be nice to brag to my friends: I just blocked the President of the United States.


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