If you don't know Star Trek, you won't understand this story. I will try to explain it all to you.

The United Federation of Planets has humanoids from all over the galaxy. The humans are a humanoid species from the planet Earth. Vulcans are a humanoid species from the from planet Vulcan. Klingons are a humanoid species from the planet Kronos. Andorians are a humanoid species planet Andorian.

Andorians have bright blue skin and white hair with two antennas. The are mostly good, but if a few of these blue Andorians decided God wanted them to kill all pink skins (that's what they call humans), that would be very bad because on a planet of one billion a few might mean a million radical extremists blue skins.

Now the radical Andorians, they flew a shuttle craft into star fleet academy killing thousands. While vacationing on the pleasure plant Risa, the radical Andorians reprogrammed some androids to kill humans. Lucky an android named Data, who was involved in a time travel experiment from the 23rd century, happened to be on Risa, stopped the androids before all the humans where killed. The most evil thing they have done so far is inject some Tribbles, which are a small, soft, sweat furry creatures that make a cooing sound that makes humans smile. Radioactive Tribbles were then transported to Earth daycare centers, making thousands of human children sick.

The Andorians said they are upset but these radicals did not represent them. The Andorian religion is a peaceful, loving religion..

When the USS Enterprise was transporting Klingons, Vulcans and Andrians to a warp drive conference on Mars, Captain Kirk asked Dr. McCoy to take a close look at the Andrians to make sure they didn't have a phaser hidden on them or in them.

McCoy disagreed, "Jim I'm a doctor, not a TSA agent."

Mr. Spock interrupted, "Doctor we know the terrorists are blue skinned, white haired with two antennas. It would be illogical not to vet them more than a Klingon or a Vulcan"

Kirk agreed, "I love the blue skinned Andorians, I even sleep with one or was that a Romulan... I know it wasn't a Vulcan, but I think I remembered antennas. Scotty did give me that bottle of scotch..."

Spock interrupts, "Jim, what about the Andorians?"

"Forget it,  just check them before the get on the Enterprise," Kirk demands.

Dr. McCoy: "I will but I will check all the humanoids. I don't want the Andorians to feel singled out."

Kirk is surprised. "Bones check them all, but check the Andorians a little more"

So that's how they deal with terrorism in the 22nd century. It is only logical to keep a closer eye on the Andorians. They are blue and not so hard to spot. Plus, if the Andorians were really good members of the Federation, surely they wouldn't mind.

I'm Italian and if the police are looking for Mafia members, I would understand a closer look.

See how much we can learn from Star Trek?

Live Long & Prosper


Star Trek


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