Montana Tip Jar was created to enable support of friends and neighbors who work in our state's service industries and have lost income due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Montana's restaurants, coffee shops, guide services, salons, and pubs (& more!) are places we go to connect; places that are important to the fabric of our communities; places where we meet friends, regardless on which "side of the counter" we sit.

Anyone working in one of Montana's service industries can register (2 min max) using the form below, allowing you to receive tips directly into your Venmo account.

Don’t forget, virtual tips are like hugs, though with a bit of social distancing!

This information is for worker registration. Tippers, please CLICK HERE.

Registering adds you to a separate database -- see -- so that tippers will be able to find your Venmo mobile payment app information and give you tips.

Three items of note:
* Montana Tip Jar is free; the service is not involved with handling money, it is simply a vehicle to connect tippers to workers.
* The information you provide here is publicly available (though to note: Venmo handles can already be found through the Venmo app).
* Montana Tip Jar is expected to be temporary in operation, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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