The Supreme Court's 6-3 King v. Burwell decision this morning, June 25, will allow Affordable Care Act subsidies to continue to flow to states that did not set up their own exchanges. The decision has brought praise and disdain from various sectors of Montana politics.

Democrat Governor Steve Bullock was happy with the decision, saying “this is a welcome decision as I do everything I can to ensure all Montanans have access to affordable health care. Forty thousand Montanans can now be sure they will not lose their health insurance or have their taxes increased in order to maintain coverage.”

On the other side of the aisle, Senator Steve Daines took a different tone saying he would continue to fight the Affordable Care Act.

“Obamacare is a poorly written law that is failing the American people. I’ll continue working to repeal this failed law and replace it with Montana-driven solutions that increase access to affordable care for all Montanans and put patients first.”

Congressman Ryan Zinke continued that note, claiming that Obamacare, "simply does not work...".

“American families deserve a health care system that works; and that means it has to be affordable and accessible, while still preserving a high quality of care and innovation. Earlier this month, we learned that the major health insurance companies in Montana are raising rates on some of their ObamaCare plans. Taking care of our neighbors and staying healthy should not be a partisan issue. We all agree there will need to be some level of help for folks who face difficult situations, but ObamaCare simply does not work for the vast majority. For too long Senator Harry Reid has threatened to block any bipartisan health care reform, and President Obama has maintained he will veto any law to repeal or even roll back the most flawed parts of ObamaCare. I urge them to come to the table. Let’s work together on health care solutions that truly lower costs, expand coverage, and protect the doctor-patient relationship. It’s what Montana families deserve.”

There will certainly be more politicking on the issue of the Affordable Care Act, which promises to be a controversial issue still, more than half a decade after its passing.