Montana Attorney General Tim Fox, who has been reported to have broken with President Trump over the Affordable Care Act, said on Wednesday that he supports an end to Obamacare, but also supports continued coverage for preexisting conditions.

“I’ve always been an advocate of repealing and replacing Obamacare,” said Fox. W can do much better. It’s been pretty much a disaster for the last nine years since that law was passed in the middle of the night by Congress. I’ve been involved in numerous lawsuits, such as the Hobby Lobby and the Little Sisters of the Poor. This legislation needs to be repealed and I support President Trump in his efforts to do something about it. Unfortunately, Republicans in Congress squandered an opportunity before the election last November while they had majorities in both houses of Congress.”

Fox said he shares the President’s concern over those with preexisting conditions.

“I share the President’s frustration,” he said. “He wants coverage for preexisting conditions, and there are over 152,000 Montanans, non-elderly adults who rely on coverage for preexisting conditions, and too take that entirely down without some sort of a plan in place to make sure those folks are taken care of would be a disaster. I joined Ohio’s Attorney General with an amicus brief in the lawsuit having to do with the Affordable Care Act. I agree that the individual mandate was unconstitutional.”

Fox said the courts have taken on too much responsibility in creating healthcare policy.

“The courts, of course, are not suited, nor are they intended either in federal or state courts to make policy,” he said. “They are not authorized to change or amend laws. This case deals with the individual mandate which is unconstitutional.”

Fox said he will wait and see what Congress will or won’t do to solve the Obamacare issue.

“We’ll have to wait and see if Congress actually acts,” he said. The Democrats seem to be focused on discrediting the President and it’s not about good policy for them. They’re just being obstructionist towards President Trump’s efforts to overturn Obamacare.”

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