The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services is currently looking for ideas to help deal with the state’s notoriously high suicide rate. Addictive and Mental Disorders Division Administrator Zoe Barnard explains.

"In the last legislature $1 million worth of funding was authorized and signed by the governor for suicide prevention projects," Barnard said. "This request for proposal is for $750,000 the remaining $250,000 is to continue the efforts of the Native American Youth Suicide Prevention Group."

Barnard says the proposal window is open between now and December first and that there are a few other stipulations including a requirement that proposals be evidence based.

"We're looking for people to propose to us ways that they can reduce the suicide problem in their communities or schools, anyone can come forward with an idea, but there are some requirements as part of the formal process, for example a community proposal must have a mental health professional involved," Barnard said.

Montana is regularly listed as one of the top three states for suicides per capita. Barnard says that in 2016, Montana had more suicides per capita than any state.

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