Can you imagine serving in the military with a guy named "Sergeant Power"? Sounds cool doesn't it? Not only does it sound cool, but this guy is cool.

When I was in Ramadi, Iraq back in 2005-2006, I got to know some incredible soldiers from Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania--really all over the Northeast. One of those guys was Sergeant Kurt Power. Whenever you would run into Sergeant Power he would lift your spirits. Even in what was then a very bad place, Ramadi, the guy is Mr. Motivation.

From time to time, I've spotted Kurt Power on social media. Turns out we have a mutual contact: Butte, Montana Navy SEAL Rob O'Neill. Since he got home from Ramadi, not only did Power serve in the military, he also began serving in the Boston Police Department. And he never stopped serving his fellow veterans.

I noticed a few days ago he was taking some vacation time from the BPD, and heading out cross-country on a "Never Stop Fighting" tour to help end veterans' suicide. As luck would have it, I was able to catch up with him while he stopped in Jackson Hole, Wyoming just before he ventured into Yellowstone National Park. Earlier that same week he climbed Devil's Tower, even though he has never rock climbed before.

What is his whole "Never Stop Fighting" tour all about? He has a great message for our fellow veterans out there:

Power: I spend my life in the trenches working with these guys and trying to convince them to live another day, right. And what I find more often than not is if we can just get to a warrior in crisis, and just convince them that they have so much more life to live, that we can get them help, and we can save their life.


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