Montana is blessed with many not-for-profit organizations that help thousands of people throughout the state.  One of those organizations is Family Promise.

Family Promise is leading the way in helping with family homelessness and early childhood learning with programs that help families get back on their feet while providing essential services that many of us simply take for granted. The organization has multiple transitional homes and shelters here in Gallatin Valley.

The transitional homes are used by those in need and are part of a plan that allows families to establish rental history, stability for the family, and the opportunity to develop a savings plan while looking for permanent housing.

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Family Promise recently received some very good news when they learned that an anonymous donor has gifted them a home. The 2500-square foot home, which is being called the "Sunrise Home" will become the 11th transitional home for the organization.


According to Family Promise Executive Director Christel Chvilicek:

“We are so incredibly grateful that, in this housing market, this person made a legacy gift that will support families and children for years to come. Their donation will not only changes lives but will allow this important work to carry on in our community and perhaps inspire others to make a difference.”

The program is set up to help those families living in transitional homes by charging rent based on income.  Family Promise then takes half of that money to pay for the maintenance of the home, and the other half will go into a savings account that is given back to the renters when they graduate from the program.

If you would like more information on Family Promise and what they do, make sure you check out their website to learn all about their programs.

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