We're halfway through summer, but before long temperatures will start cooling off in Montana. Here's a look at what to expect this fall.

Fall in Montana
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The Old Farmers' Almanac just released its fall forecast for 2023, and it doesn't look good for Montana. While cooler temperatures are forecasted, there's also a chance that much of the state could receive below-average precipitation during September, October, and November.

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Temperatures in western Montana are predicted to be below average, while the eastern part of the state will most likely experience above-average temperatures. States in the Intermountain region, which includes Montana, are expected to experience below-average precipitation, which isn't good news considering that the state's fire season is just beginning.

2023 Fall Temperature Forecast

Cooler-than-average temperatures are predicted for September through November, but the lack of precipitation is a major concern. It's not uncommon for Montana to receive snow as early as September, but the forecast doesn't indicate much moisture in September or October. The good news is that November is predicted to be a wet month from the southwest up through the Rockies.

Thankfully, temperatures will eventually cool down, but that lack of precipitation could mean that Montana's fire season could potentially last until November or later. However, in the past, many fires have burned until the snow starts to fall.

2023 Fall Precipitation Forecast

Extended weather forecasts aren't always accurate, so let's keep our fingers crossed for more rain and snow during the fall in Montana. We definitely need it. Click here to learn more about the Old Farmers' Almanac Fall 2023 weather forecast.


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