The Missoula County Democratic Party Central Committee Executive Board recently passed a resolution regarding anti-Semitic hate speech in Missoula.

"The Missoula County Democratic Party sharply condemns the rise in violence and hate crimes engendered by the incendiary presidential campaign, including the recent distribution of anti-Semitic literature in Missoula. All people in this country have the right to live in freedom without fear of persecution. We call on the citizens of Missoula, Montana and indeed the whole nation to oppose hate and violence, be it based on religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. We each carry a personal responsibility to speak up and act forcefully whenever we encounter such behavior so that we maintain the dignity, tolerance, and respect that is the bedrock of this nation.”

Communications Director for the Missoula County Democrats, Dave Severson, said the subject of the alarming rise of hate speech will be addressed at the organization's holiday party on December 13 at the Burns Street Bistro.

"We're condemning the rise in violence and hate that's been going on since the election," Severson said. "We believe that people should be able to live in this country without fear of persecution and we're wanting everyone to get involved. There have been various stories about certain groups issuing some hate leaflets. I wouldn't hazard a guess if they were sponsored by some local group or some rogue individual, but they have appeared on doorsteps right in Missoula, and we're very concerned."

For details about the holiday get together, or to find out more about the Missoula County Democrats, call 541-2602. The party will be December 13 starting at 6 p.m. at 1500 Burns Street.


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