A 13-year-old girl that has been missing since late April has been found by Missoula Police and is back with her guardians.

"Shiann Pfaff who was reported as a runaway at the end of April was located at a residence on the north side at about 9:30 p.m. Wednesday," Welsh said. "Obviously everybody involved was really concerned and worried for her health and safety."

Since the time of her disappearance, news stories and social media covered Pfaff's disappearance, but she went undetected for over a month because, according to the police, she was "apparently keeping a pretty low profile."

"She did run away and last night, an officer received a tip that she had been staying up at this residence on the north side. The officer went to that residence, got in contact with the people that lived there, they gave him consent to search, and he did find her hiding in the house," Welsh said. "We're very pleased that we did locate her last night, she appears to be in good health, and she has been returned to her guardian care."