For those on medicare, time is almost up for making decisions on which plan to use next year as the open enrollment period is about to come to a close.

"It started on October 15 and wraps up December 7," said Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services Regional Administrator Jeff Hinson. "So now's the time for folks to act. Whether you have original Medicare or Medicare Advantage, your health needs change throughout the year, and your prescription drug plan might have changed. Now is the time to look at it and make those vital decisions to make sure that plan works for you."

Hinson said that the Affordable Care Act has made provided more options for Medicare users as well as a star rating system that will notify Medicare users if a plan they are manages to get less than a three star rating.

According to Hinson, in Montana there are 15 Medicare advantage plans, 34 prescription drug plans and 10 prescription drug plans with zero premium and small out of pocket expenses for those in need of financial help.

For more information and to look at options, go to

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