Well after a rough start on the show this morning things went awesome. I could not convey to these union workers I just want a simple phone line. I don't need an ISDN with a send scrambler and an ISDN receive scrambler where the broadcast signals are scrambled so no one steals the broadcast...?

What? I just want to call my radio station in Montana, well an hour later I got a regular phone line!!After a great show of special guests and a great lineup Montana callers on the show, it was great. After the show there was a lineup of speakers that was everything from so so to awesome. Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney was actually one of the so so's. He gave a presidential speach...Herman Cain gave a SHORT moving speech that gave him many ovations but the hero of the session was a documentary film maker Ann McElhinney talking about the spoiled kids in this country. And guess what, my video recorder went dead but thanks to C-SPAN they have the whole thing available.  Please take time to check it all out it's about 2 hours long. Enjoy

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