If my title confuses you Word Press won’t let me line out the word “lives.” So, the title should be March For Our Lives Votes.

But wasn’t it great to watch the youth of America take to the streets this weekend to demonstrate their passion for a cause they believe in.

My faith in American youth has once again been restored.

I had no idea that our 12-17-year olds had the mental capacity or financial resources to establish marches all over this great nation with stages, concert quality sound systems, big screen TVs, portable cell towers, and professionally made protest signs.

It just goes to show that you should never judge a book by its cover.

March For Our Votes

Let’s really peel back the onion here and expose what really happened this weekend. These marches and demonstrations are nothing more than a scam to garner votes for a party that needs them badly — the Democrat Party.

There was a contingency of clip board carrying folks at these rallies signing party goers up to vote.

If loss of life were an issue, then this would have been a pro-life rally, but it was anything but.

Planned Parenthood had a high-profile presence at the main march and probably others across America.

Even the impressionable student minds of Bozeman high schoolers and many adults were sucked into being pawns for this thinly disguised anti-second amendment spectacle.

The NRA was one of the big targets for marchers even though the record is clear. The NRA never killed anyone.

But they do donate more heavily to the Republican party than Democrats so they are the bad guys.

However, in the 2016 election Hillary Clinton received $48,013 in pro-gun money and $1,100,698 in anti-gun money. Bernie Sanders got $14,392 from pro-gun groups and $117,965 in anti-gun donations.

Donald Trump’s campaign got $969,138 in pro-gun money and $1,984 in anti-gun donations.

Some Final Thoughts

The Democrat Party needs the youth vote if they have any chance of regaining control of the House or Senate in the midterm elections. School shooting are a way of mobilizing the youth vote.

What better bad guys than Trump and the NRA? Never mind that almost no one has a solution to the issue of mass shootings.

Background checks, gun registration, magazine size, assault weapons are all on the table, but none have proven effective in stopping a single mass shooting.

The simple fact is that no law will stop a motivated individual from doing harm to others if that’s his or her goal.

Feel free to march to your hearts content and you’ll effect little change because guns are not the problem Group think is the problem when directed toward the wrong solution.

The Bill of Rights and the 2nd Amendment are not perfect by any means. But I’m glad it’s the law of the land and prohibits mob rule from destroying one of our most important freedoms.

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