A man who appears to have been at the center of last week's shelter-in-place order on Bozeman's Montana State University campus has been arrested and charged with Sexual Abuse of Children.

On July 11, MSU police ordered students and employees to shelter-in-place on campus while they attempted to locate a male university employee who was considered suicidal.

Once the the man was found, he was apparently questioned in connection with social media posts. He was then transported to Hope House for mental health evaluation.

MSU police Chief Frank Parrish said the man was cooperative after being taken into custody and that he consented to searches of his home and vehicle.

In addition, the man's cell phone was taken to the Bozeman Police Department in order to undergo a technical forensic examination.

After looking at the phone's data history, authorities reportedly found pornographic photos featuring minors engaged in sexual acts.

According to a police report, in one of the photos an individual that appeared to be "approximately 10 years of age" was depicted as being involved in a sexual act.

Police also state that "several" pornographic videos were discovered on the phone, including at least one featuring a female, "who appears to be a young teenager" in sexual acts with an elderly male.

Authorities arrested the man and charged him with Sexual Abuse of Children.


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