Now that sounds like a great act. I think I will petition Congress to get that act on the agenda as soon as possible.

I’m guessing most of you reading this would just as soon insert your own name in place of mine. And therein is the focus of today’s blog.

Congress Plays On Your Emotions

What if the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” or Obamacare as we nicknamed it was just titled “A Medical Act?”

Look at all the emotion in the title. Who could possibly oppose “patient protection” and “affordable care?” You’d have to be an uncompassionate troll not to champion that bill.

What about “No Child Left Behind?” Do you want your child “left behind?” I didn’t think so. How about “The Offspring Act?”

How Can We Get You Not To Read The Bill

I’m pretty sure I could get you on board with the “Help Tom Get Rich Act” if I could just make a case that I didn’t have two nickels to rub together.

I would be the underdog. Oppressed by society. Kicked to the curb by the system. Options for success exhausted. Are you beginning to reach for your wallet?

No one would ever express an opinion on the “offspring act” as they would for “no child left behind.”

“Star Disagreement” doesn’t have the same impact as “Star Wars.”

Some Final Thoughts

I think our laws and acts need some revision. Congressional leaders have to stay up half the night to come up with just the right name to get you on their side.

“Pushing Kids Forward” just doesn’t work as well as “No Child Left Behind.”

So when the “Help Tom Get Rich Act” shows up on your evening news please remember to write your congressman to vote yes.

Maybe “The Poor Tom Act” would be a better title.

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