I'm not a chain restaurant person. Never have been. But I have to give credit where credit is due, even if we didn't have the fanciest Valentine's Day dinner. The Bozeman Applebee's kind of saved my tail.

We get up VERY early in this house during the week so when a 'holiday' falls on a Monday, there's little chance we'll be celebrating in any meaningful way. That was the case yesterday for Valentine's Day.

Add to that, Valentine's Day isn't a huge deal for either one of us so if we do anything to celebrate...it's usually just food. Mind you, it's normally something fancy, but not this year. And it turned out to be fantastic, actually.

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Thirdly, we've both just recovered from COVID-19. No longer sick or feeling under the weather but definitely still TIRED and unmotivated. Going out wasn't an option and by the time I realized some dinner would be a nice gesture, it was 4pm. DoorDash to the rescue, I guess.

A quick glance at the available options displayed what I already knew. Wait times were much longer than normal, but what did I expect? It's Valentine's Day.

The one option that appeared to be an hour or less was the Bozeman Applebee's. OK. I'll give it a shot. My intent was to just order a bunch of food so we had tons of options to snack on for the night and perhaps leftovers on Tuesday.

Applebee's, you rocked it. And here's why: I'm sure you've been short-handed just like every other restaurant in town. Being larger, those issues just get exacerbated trying to take care of in-house and take-out orders.

I'll be honest: I ordered a TON of food including appetizers, sides, and a few different meals. Hell, I even ordered a kid's meal so we had an extra option to snack on. French onion soup delivered? What's the worst that could happen? Turns out, nothing bad happens.

Two huge bags of food were delivered. Quickly. Everything in the order. Not a thing missing. Everything was packed correctly and everything arrived hot and cooked well. (My DoorDasher, Kennedy, is to be thanked as well. Clearly you hustled this order straight to our door and I hope my tip reflected my appreciation.)

My point here is, Thank You, Applebee's. I know restaurant employees are working their asses off these days and I appreciate the work you put into my order yesterday. The food was really quite good. It was a great experience as a consumer, seriously.

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