Let me call you some names and let me know when it hurts. TV personality (very loose definition) Samantha Bee took to the airwaves recently to apologize for calling Ivanka Trump (above) the dreaded “C” Word.

I think we all know what that word is but if not ask your neighbor, friend, or priest. I’m sure they’ll have no problem tossing it out to you.

Sticks and Stones?

Public language has become more permissive over the past few years. Clark Gable using the word “damn” in the 1939 film Gone With The Wind drew audible gasps from theatergoers.

Even main stream TV has loosened the reins of permissible language. But there is no question that words can hurt.

The list of apologies for insults from President Trump on down to Roseanne Barr is growing by the day. It’s like a test survey. How far can I go when I insult a public figure?

I’m not sure that’s the right question. The question should be, “How far can I go insulting this particular person?” Hitler insults no problem. The president’s daughter — not so much.

Some Final Thoughts

It’s easy to target the rich and powerful with sailor blushing terms to bring attention to yourself. For years late night talk show hosts have insulted every president in recent memory in their nightly monologues.

But because we allow it does that make it right? Should we tell those who have control of the airwaves to knock it off?

Families have been off limits for the most part at least until they reach adulthood or have to do a perp walk out of a police station.

I think it’s time to draw the line on the vicious tactics used against those with whom we disagree. Stick to the issues. Name calling for ratings is not a positive use of the first amendment. What’s your take?

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