Like most people there are things in the news that upset me. People being beheaded, burned in cages, school shootings, all make the front-page news.

This story unfortunately won’t. Why? Because no one was charged with a crime.

It’s Not A Crime In Florida

On July 9, 2017 five pot smoking teens, aged 14 to 19, videotaped Jamel Dunn, 31 as he struggled to stay afloat in a pond near his family’s home.

The teens taunted him laughing and yelling that no one was coming to save him and that he was going to die. Then they posted the footage of his death on YouTube. (Warning: Graphic Content)

You’d think they would at least make an anonymous call to the police telling them someone had died. Not these selfish lowlifes.

Dunn’s family filed a missing person’s report three days later and the body was recovered from the pond five days after he’d drowned.

Surely there must be a crime here somewhere?

Unfortunately, not under Florida law. Almost a year later this horrific incident is being put to bed as an unfortunate accident.

A law intended to address this type of situation was proposed during this year's Florida legislative session but failed to receive sufficient support to pass.

Jamel Dunn dead at 31 accidental drowning. Move on nothing to see here.

You’d think there’d be some kind of law that covers this. We seem to have laws for everything else in our lives.

Under Florida law the teens were under no obligation to do anything to help Dunn. They weren’t even obligated to report his death.

Some Final Thoughts

Some of you might think that the kids will have to live with this for the rest of their lives.

Judging by their actions the kids probably went home that night and slept like babies not caring in the least that the planet was one person short.

It’s hard to even imagine human beings would act like this — age notwithstanding. Is society so callous that the loss of a human life is just entertainment?

As I said above there are things in the news that upset me, but few things upset me to my current level after reading this story.

I guess homo sapiens haven’t advanced as far as we’d like to think. What say you?

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