Spurred by the recent suicide of 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer, who said in an online video that he’d been bullied over being gay, pop star and gay rights activist Lady Gaga hopes to meet with Barack Obama to discuss bullying when she attends a Democratic fundraiser next week.

After Rodemeyer’s death, the ‘Born This Way’ singer told her more than 13 million Twitter followers, “I am meeting with our president. I will not stop fighting. This must end.”

The teen’s parents said he’d been bullied for years, and in a video for the ‘It Gets Better Project,’ an initiative designed to give hope to young people who are gay, he described being harassed at school and online. Rodemeyer took his own life on Sunday outside his home in Williamsville, New York.

New York doesn’t have an anti-bullying law, but police are considering whether to charge those who taunted the boy with harassment or aggravated harassment.

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