Harriet Hageman is the Congresswoman from Wyoming who kicked Liz Cheney out of office. She was named one of the impeachment managers in the effort to secure our southern border and hold Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas accountable.

She joined us on our statewide Montana radio show, "Montana Talks" with Aaron Flint, on Friday to sound off on Senator Jon Tester's (D-MT) vote in support of Mayorkas.

Rep. Hageman: "The senators, Democrat senators including Jon Tester, abdicated their responsibility, their Constitutional obligation, to hear the case. We were prepared to try the case in front of them as to facts and the law as to why Mayorkas committed high crimes and misdemeanors. I would throw treason in there, because of the fact that he is importing our own demise. He knows that he's bringing in literally millions of people who are going to cause very serious long term damage to this country. We've got people being murdered. We've got over 100,000 people dying of fentanyl overdoses. We've got 85,000 children that this administration has lost that are being trafficked- sex trafficked and put into slavery in our own country. It's the parade of horribles that you can't even imagine Mayorkas being responsible for."

I also talked with Congresswoman Hageman about the environmental extremists running the Biden Bureau of Land Management and the Department of Interior. I mentioned how these land management agencies are so out of control, as Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke (R-MT01) has pointed out, that they are suing a baseball team in Kalispell, Montana.

Rep. Hageman: "It shows you that we are being governed right now by unserious people, and it also demonstrates that they have far too much time on their hands and far too much money to spend. It is for that reason that I actually introduced an amendment to the appropriations bills last fall to cut the BLM by 50%. Cut their budget."

Full audio from Friday is below. Plus, check out our 6a hour chat with Marc Lotter, a former special assistant to President Trump.



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