When I saw the headline- Bozeman Local Shares Truth About Urban Campers in New Viral Video- I almost didn't click on the story. But then I saw it was authored by Jesse James, and he always churns out some interesting content.

Turns out it wasn't just any Bozeman local- it was Montana State Bobcat football great Dane Fletcher. He used to play for the New England Patriots, but he's obviously still an American patriot who loves his country and fears for his town.

He now owns his own training facility in Bozeman and is seeing firsthand the impacts of the crime, the transients, and the drug cartels. He's had enough and he's speaking out.

As Jesse James reported recently:

In a video shared Wednesday on his personal Facebook page, Fletcher talked about the startling reality that Bozeman residents and business owners are facing due to unchecked urban encampments. The video was shared with the caption; "Wake Up Bozeman."

I played the full audio of his wake up message on Monday's statewide radio show. Here's one of the lines that stood out to me.

Dane Fletcher: Being a local being born and raised here in Bozeman. It's time for this community to start banding together, put our foot down, start going against the Commission on what's going on. They're not pressing hard enough on these encampments, these trailers, bums coming living here for free.

It's not just the transients. Fletcher also mentioned the fact that Mexican drug cartels are operating in the Gallatin Valley and people "have no clue." He added this:

Dane Fletcher: The fact that July 26th there was a 14 year old girl raped in the encampment behind the mall, and not the whole town is raving about this and pissed about this is insane to me.

Click here to watch his full remarks.

By the way- Dane Fletcher will join us on Wednesday's "Montana Talks Statewide Radio Show with Aaron Flint" in the 9 a.m. hour.


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