***If you missed the radiothon, here is all 4 hours:

For Giving Tuesday we are encouraging folks to support some of your favorite local charitable or service organizations. We are going to be showing some extra love on the radio to our friends at the Bozeman-based Warriors & Quiet Waters (WQW).

We have a great lineup of guests who will be joining us for our WQW Radiothon- from veteran alumni who've gone through the program, to those who serve as board members, or local veteran owned businesses who support Warriors & Quiet Waters.

People can donate by visiting WQWF.org/donate

Want to donate by check? Send your donations to: Warriors & Quiet Waters 351 Evergreen Dr, Suite A, Bozeman, MT 59715.

For those who may not be familiar with Warriors & Quiet Waters, this is a national organization serving veterans and military service personnel from all over the country- but we have the honor as Montanans of being home to this gold standard veterans service program.

What do they do?

When you think of WQW, you think Bozeman, Montana, wounded warriors, and fly fishing. But, as you can see from the photo above- they've added hunting and ice fishing into the mix as well. In the photo above, they were out on the ice near Malta, Montana with several post 9-11 veterans for their "Ice FX." FX stands for "fishing experience," but in the military it is also a shorthand term for field exercise. Obviously, they do much more than this...but this gives you an idea.

How did they start? 

Retired Marine Corps Colonel Eric Hastings is the founder of WQW.

When he returned to Montana in 1969, to a nation decades from diagnosing Post Traumatic Stress (PTS), he went straight to the water. He tied a fly to a line and cast. The river, he claims, healed him. Hastings and Dr. Volney Steele found they shared a vision of bringing warriors with both seen and unseen wounds from recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to Montana to find the peace and hope they mutually found through fishing. In July and September of 2007, Hastings, Steele, and dozens of other dedicated volunteers brought Warriors and Quiet Waters Foundation’s first two groups of traumatically injured combat veterans to Bozeman.


Again, you can donate by visiting WQWF.org/donate. 

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