I'll be the first to admit, things have kind of changed since I was a kid.

Growing up, my friends and I couldn't wait to get a summer job so we could have some spending money. The idea of being semi-independent and having the freedom to buy what I wanted, well, that was too big of a temptation not to take.

The rule was, my parents gave me a beat-up old truck, but I had to help pay the insurance on it. Of course, back then I also needed money to buy music CDs, quarters for video games, and gas for my truck. The truth is, some of those summer jobs weren't the best, but it sure was nice to have some money in my wallet back then.

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I say things have changed because all across Montana, we are seeing lots of places struggle when it comes to hiring folks, so you would think several Montana towns would be perfect places to land a summer job, right?

That doesn't seem to be the case.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

However, one Montana city ranks near the top in the nation when it comes to summer jobs. WalletHub came out with a list of the best cities for a summer job, and they based their findings on a couple of factors.

  • Youth Job Market

  • Social Environment and Affordability

With almost 200 cities on the list, Billings, Montana made the Top 20 for 2023's Best Places To Get A Summer Job.  Billings came in ranked 14th in the nation, and Billings wasn't the only Montana town that made the list either.

Source: WalletHub

Missoula, Montana was also on the list and came in ranked 30th in the nation. The fact that two Montana cities made the Top 30 is pretty impressive, however, Billings and Missoula were the only two Montana cities on the list.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

As mentioned earlier, it seems like a whole lot of Montanan towns are looking for help, so is it a lack of opportunity, or is it a lack of desire? I suppose maybe it's a little bit of both depending on the town, but one thing is for sure, some of my very best memories were hanging out with my friends and working a summer job.

Credit: WalletHub

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