Will this new plan for the massive corporation help or hurt their locations in Montana? Only time will tell.

If there is one thing in today's world, you can't avoid memberships. Streaming services, gyms, car wash spots, and more offer monthly memberships to gain perks, access their goods, or make life easier.

Memberships weren't a cultural thing for years. The only places that you used to need memberships were Costco and Sam's Club. The memberships are yearly, offer great rewards, and if you buy in bulk for your family, it's a blessing.

One company that has crushed it with memberships is Amazon. Amazon Prime's membership includes access to their streaming site but complimentary shipping on their website and deals on goods.

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Another massive corporation has decided to enter the membership circle, but will it help?

Eat This, Not That reports Target will debut its new paid membership, Target Circle 360, on April 7th.

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What is Target Circle 360?

It's a membership that allows customers to get deals online or in-store and have the items shipped or delivered for free. This new idea is a revamped version of the Target Circle program, which was Target's former loyalty program.

How much will it cost?

That's the fascinating part. The membership annually will only cost $49 if you have a Target credit card or sign up within the first month of its debut. If you don't have a Target credit card or forget to sign up early, the annual fee is $99.

Retail Sale Numbers For November Show An Unexpected Rise
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Montana Target stores have been up and down with sales for years because they have been behind the ball for new and exciting ideas. Target's main competitor, Walmart, has been making massive moves with online shopping, pickup, and deals.

You also have Amazon, which has been the king of this arena for years and has a massive customer base.

FTC Files Lawsuit Against Amazon Over Prime Membership Pratices
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We understand why Target is adding this feature because one way to earn money passively is through memberships. Folks will get a membership to a streaming site or gym and forget about it.

The company or business can make money fast if people sign up, pay for the membership, and don't use their services.

Target is hoping this will be the case to help with their declining sales, but they have a lot of ground to catch up.

Also, we don't know if Montanans will be thrilled about this idea. It might be dead in the water.

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