The Bozeman Public Library is perhaps the best in the state and has an incredible amount of programs and resources available to you and me. Coming soon, is a new addition that could be an incredible tool for some in the community.

Get this - the Bozeman Public Library is getting a recording studio. Seriously. I'm sure they exist in other libraries but I've never seen one. The constant improvements that are being made to the library and it's grounds are nice, but the more I think about this recording studio, the more I love the idea.

NOTE: Before anyone starts freaking out about how their tax dollars are being spent (I had that concern too), this particular project is being funded almost entirely with private donations. It's one thing to have nice things and cool resources, it's another to have a bunch of nice things when tax dollars are desperately needed elsewhere. That is not the case here.

Our library sure has come a long way since it began as the Young Men’s Library Association in 1872. (The current library location on East Main Street opened in 2006 and is 53,000 square feet.) We learned of this fancy new addition to the library via the Bozeman Public Library Foundation:

The Bozeman Public Library is about to get a whole lot groovier (if that’s even possible)! Did you know a recording studio is one of the new spaces in the Library renovation?

Whether you’re a seasoned musician or an aspiring podcaster, our new recording studio will be the perfect space for your creative endeavors.

This renovation, which is nearing completion, is funded almost entirely by donations from private individuals and foundations.

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This is the picture that was shared by the Bozeman Public Library Foundation, although we're not sure exactly what the recording studio will look like when finished or what tools will be available to users of the studio. As soon as more details are released, we'll share them.

Recording Studio - Bozeman Public Library Foundation Facebook
Recording Studio - Bozeman Public Library Foundation Facebook

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